3 Senior BJP Leaders join Congress in Rajasthan

Ghanshyam Tiwari along with two other senior BJP Leaders Join Congress (Photo: Twitter)

In the presence of Congress President Rahul Gandhi, three senior BJP leaders joined the party on Tuesday.

Tiwari was a senior BJP leader and is a six-time member of the Rajasthan Assembly. Prior to the assembly elections in 2018, he left the BJP and floated Bharatiya Vahini Party, but was defeated.

“There is a need to save democracy. That is why I am joining the Congress,” said Tiwari.

Along with him, veteran BJP leader Surendra Goyal (former cabinet minister) and Janardan Gehlot (former cabinet minister) also joined the Congress.

A dozen independent legislators also supported the Congress in the presence of Gandhi who was in Jaipur to attend the workers’ conference at Ramlila Maidan.

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