5 Positive Cases Found in Asia’s Largest Slum Dharavi, Mumbai

Dharavi located near South Mumbai is Asia's largest slum

Five people have been found infected with COVID-19 in Dharavi near south Mumbai. Among five confirmed cases was a 35-year-old doctor.

Sources said all of them have been quarantined and people who could have come in contact with them are being traced.

Dharavi near Mumbai airport is Asia’s largest slum. More than a million people live in the area of 5-sqkm slum that has a maze of dirty lanes and cramped huts packed with large families. Over 70 per cent of the residents use community toilets. Small industries and workshops for leather goods, pottery and textiles operate from the area.

Thickly populated zones like Dharavi are a huge challenge in efforts to enforce social distancing critical in checking the novel coronavirus, which spreads easily from person to person. The World Health Organisation has said the novel coronavirus can spread from surface contact and respiratory droplets. A novel virus is one that has not been previously identified in humans.

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