A section of media giving fantastic twist to the 2G Spectrum ruling

Kanimozhi and A Raja both accused in 2G spectrum scam got clean chit from the court

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New Delhi, 22 December, 2017 After the court ruling in 2G Spectrum case some analysts and public opinion-makers started speculating a political realignment in the country, especially in Tamil Nadu.

A couple of bloggers and panelists linked it with last month meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the DMK president Karunanidhi. The former called on ailing DMK supremo in Chennai.

As the Tamil Nadu Assembly election is three and a half years from now these observers are of the view that Modi called on Karunanidhi keeping in mind the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

So, if these opinion-makers are to be believed a sort of secret deal might have been made on the 2G Spectrum issue.

But independent Tamil Nadu watchers and DMK leaders strongly disagree with this line of thinking. They are of the view that such fantastic stories are being planted in a section of media by the BJP people who have faced serious embarrassment after the court ruling on December 21.

A DMK Rajya Sabha MP was quoted in BBC Hindi as saying that there is absolutely no reason for his party to join hands with the BJP.

Incidentally, the rumour of DMK-BJP talk started circulating when both the Congress and DMK leaders were celebrating the court verdict and accusing the BJP of indulging in political witch-hunting.

“As the BJP leaders are well adept in the fine art of not conceding defeat their men in the media have started cooking up an entirely different story. The DMK is not at all in hurry at this juncture to go with the BJP, whose bargaining position has come down considerably after the big improvement in the Congress party’s performance. The DMK will closely watch the BJP’s performance in next year’s Assembly election in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh,” said a political commentator.

He went out to add that DMK was among the first party to congratulate Congress after the Gujarat Assembly election results. Besides, there is uneasiness within several BJP allies. Shiv Sena’s position is well known.

The problem with the BJP is that it is desperate to retain its position in 2019. In all the states in which it had performed well in 2014 the saffron party has reached the saturation point and there is thus no chance to improve its tally further. Thus the BJP is trying to have some dealing with a few regional parties, especially of Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

“Modi’s meeting with Karunanidhi is the case of one-sided love. The DMK knows that after the death of Jayalalithaa the AIADMK has grown weak. With both the BJP and Congress weak in Tamil Nadu the DMK would go with the party whose fortune would be on the upswing in 2019. Nothing could be said just now,” said a Tamil Nadu watcher who wished not to be quoted.

Instead of discussing the humiliating defeat a section of media is busy giving a new twist, and is thus casting an aspersion on the court ruling.

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