A single mother petitions Sushma Swaraj to waive off UNFPA India Representative the Legal Immunity to enable his trial in Indian Court

Prashanti Tiwari being felicitated by Governor of Meghalay

-Mohd Imran Khan

New Delhi, February 05, 2018 (TMC Desk) Prashanti Tiwari, a single mother, alleges harassment from senior United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) staffs in India, including UNFPA India Chief Diego Palacios. She has requested Union Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj to waive off the immunity to them in India in order for me to try them in the Indian Court. The UNFPA staff has engaged in serious criminal conspiracy to destroy my life, caeer and character punishable in the Indian penal code.

Prashanti, 30, in her petition to Sushma Swaraj said ”I am filing this petition before your good-self to enable me to seek justice through waiving off the immunity granted to Mr. Diego Palacios, UNFPA India Representative, Ena Singh (Assistant Representative, UNFPA India), and Pallavi Kumar (UNFPA India). The immunity granted to the aforementioned UNFPA staff under the privileges and immunities of United Nations is impeding my Indian constitutional rights for a fair judicial trial on the gross misconduct, harassment with the intention to outrage my modesty and criminal conspiracy by them.”

Nadeem Noor, head of UNFPA in Bihar, said that he joined office on Monday as he was on leave for last 15 days, he has not recieved any such petition’s copy. ”We will look into the petition if there is any such issue”.

Rajiv Chandran, National Information Officer, United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan told when approached for his reaction over the petition, that he will be happy to react when he would get a copy of the said petition.

Prashanti Tiwari further said the immunity granted to Diego Palacios, UNFPA India Representative, Ena Singh (Assistant Representative, UNFPA India), and Pallavi Kumar (UNFPA India) under the United Nations Privileges and Immunities impedes my rights to seek justice legally under my constitutional rights as citizen of India. The immunity granted to Palacios and UNFPA also impedes my Natural and Human rights to seek justice for the wrong doings against me, a woman and single mother, whom UNFPA so proudly claims to work for.

“In the interest of justice towards a single mother and also to maintain the impartiality, neutrality and integrity of United Nations, it becomes imperative that the immunity granted to Diego Palacios, UNFPA India Representative, Ena Singh (Assistant Representative, UNFPA India), and Pallavi Kumar (UNFPA India). and UNFPA India may be waived off.” she has requested Sushma Swaraj.

Prashanti Tiwari has informed Sushma Swaraj that she is seeking justice through legal recourse through her office. “However, also invoke your personal attention to this issue as being an Indian Woman you can understand my pain and trauma. I look forward to your support in this circumstance and have faith that you will protect my rights granted to me under the Indian Constitution and that the might of United Nations will not come in my way towards justice.” She requested the minister.

According to her, she joined UNFPA India supported project, namely Gender Alliance under the pay roll of an NGO, Bihar Voluntary Health Association on 1st February 2017. It was my complete dedication to work, commitment to the cause of gender and technical competencies that in less than one year, Gender Alliance was acknowledged internationally and put UNFPA India’s work on Global gender Work. The said work was also reported in your bulletin, UNFPA HQ, UN News besides wide coverage in Western electronic and print media.

“I was singly working in coordination with UNFPA India Bihar office for technical guidance and was extremely well verse with the staff, their attitude and work culture. However, I had ignored most of the wrong doings by UNFPA staff against me, including assault on my dignity and character owing to my attitude towards work and the cause of women and young girls.”she said.

In her petition for justice she said that Palacios had mentioned that he knew too much about UNFPA staff and had evidences against them for harassing her, and for religious intolerance as was mentioned to him by Carol who led the said HR Mission. Palacios, also made extremely shameful comments on my physical features, laughed about my circumstances of being single mother at such young age and said that he did not care how his comments and pranks would hurt me. He repeatedly said that he has all powers and until he brings me down to my knees, he will not sit relaxed.

“I am being penalized for deposing before the HR Mission commissioned by UNFPA, wherein I provided evidences of various wrong doings, misconduct by UNFPA staff, including religious intolerance, conspiracies on sexual harassment and my modesty and character assassination. While neither the said report nor even my statements are shared with me, Mr. Palacios is turning around my evidences against me and on my character to protect his inefficiency, wrong doings and those of his staff. Palacios has himself engaged in criminal conspiracy against me with an assault on my character with the intention to outrage my modesty. He has (ab)used my marital status and vulnerable circumstances to exploit me mentally, physically and emotionally”.

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