How Real is Reality – II

-R K Chandrika Having taken a quick look at what Physics and Neurosciences say about reality, we examine two more aspects of reality. Reality at the mental level How much do we own the thoughts […]


How Real is Reality -I

R K Chandrika ‘Seeing is Believing’ is a profound truth, not an ordinary one. As physicist Niels Bohr said, a profound truth is one wherein the complete opposite is also equally true. By that truth, […]

Wellness Within

Better Bitter

-R K Chandrika To take another step in the matter of detoxification (What a lot of house cleaning to do, before you can begin setting it in order!), we address a critical organ, the liver. […]


Exercising imagination

We discussed fasting last time for healing yourself in very noticeable ways through detoxing at multiple levels. Physical exercise is another manner of detoxing, while building up flexibility, energy, and strength. Further, in oriental martial […]