“BETIYA BANENGI MEMSAHAB” campaign initiative.

–The TMC Desk

Patna, December 10, 2017 – To drive forward the Girl Empowerment campaign initiated by the Honorable chief minister Nitish Kumar and to empower the daughters of Bihar, Testbook.com has come up with an initiative called “Bitia Banegi Memsahab”.

The goal of this initiative is to help the daughters of Bihar to prepare for government exams so that they can stand on their own feet. Testbook believes that in order to empower the country, we will have to empower our daughters first as they are the backbone of each family and the whole nation.

Testbook.com, which is a pioneer in government exams preparation, is fulfilling the dreams of lakhs of students to become government officials using its innovative technology and quality content. Through this initiative, Testbook will contribute half the expense of yearly Online Preparation of daughters of Bihar preparing for exams and will help them become self- sufficient and empowered.

To make use of this campaign, daughters of Bihar and Jharkhand don’t need to rely on Online Internet Banking etc. They can visit any leading bookstore, Testbook Online Center or Testbook Smart Lab and can participate in the campaign by submitting photocopy of their Aadhar Card and Admit Card or Application form.

Testbook.com’s founder and IIT Bombay graduate Ashutosh kumar stated that this initiative has already brought a lot of enthusiasm as the daughters of Bihar and Jharkhand will not lag behind in the competition due to lack of resources.

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