Bihar: Clip of cop being beaten by bootleggers goes viral

A video of man in uniform somewhere in Bihar being bashed up by a group of boys apparently involved in bootlegging is doing rounds on social platforms.

In this video, an unknown police man is being beaten with lathis by a group of four to five boys aged below 20 and three policemen trying to flee away from the spot leaving their colleague to the mercy of bootleggers.

The area seems to be railways side slum and a group of people can be seen mute spectators. The man in uniform is apparently begging for life.  

The maker of this video seems to be some woman and she can be heard saying “Police Wala Hai (He is a police man.)” and “Khoon Bah Raha hai (He is bleeding.)”

Although this video is not authenticated by us and we do not know exact story behind it, we are investigating and will let you know soon.

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