Bihar’s political strongmen feel heat

Rama Singh (L) Anant Singh are two criminal politicians

Bihar’s political strongmen are feeling the heat ahead of the Assembly polls. Political potshots in Bihar are being aimed at leaders such as Anant Kumar Singh and Ram Kishor Singh alias Rama Singh.

These two are considered as strongmen (‘Bahubalis’) of central and north Bihar and face a number of criminal cases and both recently joined the RJD.

Following their inclusion, the opposition party is facing huge criticism especially by the ruling NDA leaders.

Chitranjan Gagan, state spokesperson of RJD however took a dig at Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi and said that when these two strongmen were with the NDA, they were considered clean but as soon as they joined the RJD, they have become “extortionists and criminals”.

Gagan’s statement came a day after Sushil Modi attacked the RJD and said that the RJD’s socialist leader Raghuvansh Prasad Singh fought against such leaders till his last breath.

Despite that RJD has given tickets to Rama Singh’s wife Bina Singh to contest election from Mahanar seat in Vaishali district.

“RJD has used ‘bulldozer’ on the ideology of Raghuvansh Babu as well as on poor people of Bihar,” Sushil Modi said.

“Anant Singh has won three elections on the ticket of JD-U. Rama Singh was also elected as MP from Vaishali constituency in 2014 on the ticket of LJP and was part of Narendra Modi government. Did they not face criminal charges then? And now, they become tainted as soon as they joined RJD?” Gagan said.

“They were saints when they stayed in NDA and when they leave, the NDA leaders started calling them extortionists and criminals. NDA does not have any policies and principles,” Gagan said.

“The BJP leaders have already claimed that Rama Singh was part of Narendra Modi government and it is in public domain. Besides, Anant Singh is also associated with Nitish Kumar. Now, I want to ask leaders of both the parties to clarify whom they are calling extortionists, strongmen and criminals?” Gagan asked.

“If Anant Singh and Rama Singh are extortionists and criminals then Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi shielded them,” Gagan alleged.


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