Bizarre Uttar Pradesh: Purvanchal VC advises his students to beat and kill those who fight

Purvanchal VC Raja Ram Yadav
Purvanchal VC Raja Ram Yadav

The Vice-Chancellor of Purvanchal University has waded into controversy after remarks that appeared to encourage students to get into fights and even commit murders.

At a college function in Ghazipur on Saturday, Raja Ram Yadav said, “If you’re a student of this University, never come crying to me. If you ever get into a fight, beat them, if possible murder them, we’ll take care of it later”.

Ghazipur was spot where a police constable Suresh Vats was killed by a mob, allegedly belonging to the Nishad Party, the same evening.

Raja Ram Yadav was a professor of the Allahabad University, who was appointed the vice-chancellor of Purvanchal University — which has 350 affiliated colleges — in April 2017. In October, he faced criticisms of saffronisation after a Ram Katha was organised inside the university premises in October.

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