CBI raids Lalu, family is journalism of the day in Bihar



CBI raids Lalu, family is only news worth reading in Bihari press today. Not only Bihar, but across India it is talk of the town. The Hindi dailies, The English ones and The Urdu ones as well as other vernacular newspapers have covered it widely.

The Hindi dailies including Prabhat Khabar which is published from Patna and several other cities have given this news prime space from page number one to page number six.

लालू-राबड़ी के आवास पर छापेमारी (Raids on Lalu-Rabri residence), Prabhat Khabar writes on its first page with eight columns headline.

करोड़ों की ज़मीन का सौदा महज 64 लाख में (Land deal of crores in only 64 lakhs ), the Hindi daily reports on its fourth page.

Highlighting the Lalu-Rabri news, the newspaper has even ignored PM Modi’s meet with his Chinese counterpart. Its first page has some space left for five other news with very limited space, however, its fourth, fifth and sixth pages have no news except those related with Lalu, his family and his scams, surprisingly with Raid on Lalu and Family titles.

The English dailies and the Urdu dailies have also covered this news but they also have given other news adequate space.





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