China tells US to stop being biased

Jinping and Trump

Beijing, Oct 19 (IANS) China on Thursday told the US to shed its biased views about Beijing which it said is well justified to safeguard its interests and rights.

Beijing was reacting to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s remarks about America deepening ties with India to counter China.

The Foreign Ministry said it did not mind if ties between India and the US were conducive to development in the region.

“We are happy to see the development of relations between these countries as long as they are conducive to the peaceful development of the region and enhancement of relations among the regional countries,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said.

“The US should abandon its biased views on China and work with it towards the same goal to uphold the momentum for a steady and sound China relations.”

Tillerson, who will visit India next week, described India as America’s partner and said Washington cannot have the same relationship with “non-democratic” Beijing as it has with New Delhi.

The Secretary of State also slammed China for violating maritime laws in the South China Sea.

Lu countered: “China steadfastly upheld the international order with the UN at the core and based on the purposes and principles of UN charter we will firmly uphold the multilateralism yet we will also firmly safeguard our own interests and rights.

“China hopes that Washington can look China’s development in an objective way as well as its role in the international community,” Lu added.

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