China will not export its political system: Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping. Image Credit: South China Morning Post

–TMC Desk

Beijing, Dec 2: China will not export its political system and neither will the ruling Communist Party import foreign models of development, President Xi Jinping has said at a meeting with foreign political groups.

Xi in his comments at the opening of “CPC in dialogue with world political parties high-level meeting” on Friday said the ruling party placed great importance on learning from civilization achievements created by people of other countries and integrating them with Chinese realities.

However, he said that the CPC will not import foreign models of development and instead called on other countries to “copy” the Chinese practice as the ruling party seeks to boost its international image and take on a more assertive role, the Global Times reported.

“We will provide more opportunities for the world through our development,” he said.

The President, who is also the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, proposed to develop a new model of party-to-party relations in which political parties would seek common ground while shelving differences.

Representatives from hundreds of political parties in over 120 countries registered for the four-day meeting, Xinhua news agency reported.

Chinese experts said that good party-to-party relations could help make joint efforts in handling common problems amid the anti-globalisation trend and the CPC is sharing experience on governance in an effort to assist global development.

“Political parties of different countries should work together for an international network of cooperation and exchange in various forms and at multiple levels… With an open vision and broad mind, the CPC is willing to carry out dialogues, exchanges and cooperation with peoples and political parties of other countries,” Xi said.

He also said that the initiative of building a community with a shared future for mankind is being transformed from a concept into action.

“I’m delighted to see that the friendly cooperation between China and other countries is increasingly expanding and the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind is gaining support from an increasing number of people,” Xi said, noting that the Belt and Road initiative is the practice of the concept.

Proposed by Xi in 2013, the Belt and Road initiative aims to build trade and infrastructure networks connecting Asia with Europe and Africa via land and maritime routes.



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