Crisis clouding Bihar Government over?

Contrary to reports in a section of media of ‘veiled threat’ and ‘ultimatum’ what Nitish Kumar through his spokesperson actually hinted is that while he appreciates the RJD’s decision to retain Deputy Chief Tejaswi Yadav, considering the case against him appears weak, Still to keep intact the clean public image of his government the Deputy Chief Minister must clear the Air publicly and loudly.

It is in this light the statement of JDU’s spokesperson makes more sense: “Those facing corruption charges should face the public and come clean. We are confident that it will happen.” Especially the optimism in the last sentence speaks volume of the JDU’s intention.

It was further stressed in another statement that ‘’the party knows how to follow gathbandhan (coalition) dharma’’

The dispute that Tejaswi Yadav should stay or go which originated after CBI raid and subsequent case on Lalu Yadav and six others, including Tejaswi since last week got much media attention and diverse reading.

According to experts it was deliberate Nitish Kumar ploy to delay the response so that the opposition’s vigor dies down. When he gave one on Tuesday through his spokesperson it was vague and open ended which led to various interpretations.

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