Former IPS officer’s anti Nitish videos go viral

Former IPS Officer Amitabh Kumar Das is known for his candid talks. He is always outspoken in criticising government misdeeds and anti people policies. He has been a hard-core opponent of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar so called Sushasan (good governance). Recently he launched a series of videos named “Nalayak Nitish, Badhaal Bihar (Unworthy Nitish, Ruined Bihar)” which he is regularly disseminating on his Facebook account and through other social media platforms.

In these videos, he can be seen talking on a variety of topics including Patna based Historian Papiya Ghosh Murder Case, Purnea BJP MLA murder case (The MLA was stabbed to death by a female school teacher Rupam Pathak), infamuos Muzaffarpur Shelter Home Scandal, Deaths of hundreds of kids in Muzaffarpur, Srijan Scam and so on.

Amitabh Kumar Das talking about Purnea BJP MLA murder case (Click to watch)

In a conversation with The Morning Chronicle, when asked why he was doing all this, he said that Nirish Kumar has made Bihar a Bimaru (sick) state in his 15 years of rule. Crime is so frequent that people have stopped talking about this now. There are so many scams that could only be unearthed when this regime would change. The same, Narendra Modi has done with India in six years of rule. Now both are praising each other to befool us. We Biharis are simple but not foolish.

Media is busy talking about Rhea, Sushant and Ranaut. They are either fearful or sold out. Small news portals are also busy behind politicians doing their publicity. Nobody talks about genuine issues barring some exceptions.

Election is only a way out to the problems in a democracy like us. This is the time when people decide their fate for next five years. For this reason, this is perfect time for me to remind people of real issues in order to enable them to elect a suitable candidate for the state.

Since mainstream media is real issue blind, social media is a good platform to reach people and I am using this.

When social media is filled with hatred I talk about issues. I talk about political awareness. I talk about uniting people and therefore people are loving this.

Do you feel Bihar would get rid of Nitish Kumar rhis time? “This I cannot say. People of Bihar would decide but I hope so. It is essential that Bihar gets a leader who can really bring in Sushasan here,” he answered.

Few months back, former IPS Officer had formed the “Bihar Viplavi Parishad” which according to him is not currently focused on electoral politics rather it is working and would work for the betterment of politics.

Amitabh Kumar Das is a 1994 batch Bihar cadre IPS Officer. He was forcibly retired last year.

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