Former IPS Officer’s Explosive Interview on Hathras Gangrape Case: Modi and Yogi are paying a lip service on Hathras and Balrampur gang rapes to save their Dalit vote bank

Amitabh Kumar Das is an IPS Officer of 1994 Batch. He was forced to retire last year and is fighting for that in the Court. After his CRS, he founded ‘Bihar Viplavi Parishad’ this year. Being SP and SSP, he has investigated so many cases including rape ones. The Morning Chronicle reached him on his WhatsApp to talk on recent gang rapes – one after another in Uttar Pradesh. Here are the excerpts of the interview:

Hathras and Balrampur rapes have shaken the nation once more after Nirbhaya case over the rape issue. Statistics tell that 78 or 79 rapes happen every day in India. Every 20 minutes there is one rape in India. Still we awaken our conscience very rarely and very selectively. Why?

Population explosion has turned India into a mobocracy. There is a complete lawlessness everywhere. Judicial state has collapsed to a large extent. Media, the fourth state has been compromised. We live in a sick society. We worship Goddess Durga but we rape women. There is Mafia Raj everywhere. Therefore, incidents like Hathras and Balrampur are taking place.

You have held top administrative posts. Your name is taken with respect and among very few officers with a strong spine. You have taken on from Taslimuddin to Giriraj Singh and Nitish Kumar irrespective of party and ideology. Have you ever faced any such case like Hathras?

Yes. That is true. I have taken on powerful politicians. And I also paid a price for it. I have been given a pre mature retirement and I am still fighting my case in the court. I have seen hundreds of rape cases during my career but I have never seen any case similar to Hathras one. In the Hathras case what is most unfortunate is that the CM is openly siding with the accused. The UP CM is openly helping the rapists in the Hathras case. I do not want to use strong words but I am compelled to tell you that UP CM is acting as a Sadak Chhap Gunda (road side goon).

You have been a top cop and understand criminology well. Is the poor law and order behind increasing such heinous crime like rape? If law and order is strict do you feel it can be reduced to a much extent?

I told you that India has turned into a mobocracy. Criminals have lost fear of punishment and because top politicians are giving patronage to criminals charge sheets and convictions have also become very difficult. You are seeing what is happening in the Hathras case. But yes, if these criminals are dealt with iron hand surely rape cases will decrease to a great extent. Because there will be a fear of punishment in people hearts. Now criminals think that they can rape a woman and go scot free if they have good political connections, good connections in the police force and so on and so forth.

Do you feel where ever the BJP governs or becomes strong opposition, rate of violent crime increases?

See, the BJP is a communal and fascist party. I openly call Narendra Modi and Amit Shah Ranga Billa because they operate in the style of Mafia. You know home minister Amit Shah was declared a Tadipar by the honourable Supreme Court. And now he is our honourable home minister. And Narendra Modi hands are stained with the blood of Gujarat riots’ victims. So when a communal and fascist party like BJP comes into power crimes against minorities, crimes against women increase naturally. You see how the shameless Prime Minister gave the Lok Sabha ticket to a terrorist called Sadhwi Pragya Singh Thakur and that terrorist sits in Indian parliament as an honourable MP. And you know what has happened in Delhi riots. Kapil Mishra engineered communal riots in Delhi through his provocative speeches but the Delhi Police commissioner is too scared to touch him because Kapil Mishra is very close to Tadipar Home Minister. India is being ruled by Ranga and Billa and therefore violent crimes have increased to a great extent.

CM Yogi Adityanath infamous statement that Muslim women should be raped digging out from their graves. Is such hate policy towards a particular community affecting in general now?

That is why I call Yogi Adityanath a Sadak Chhap Gunda. Because once he urged his followers to take out Muslim women’s bodies from their graves and rape them. So he is a psychopath and he should be treated in a mental hospital, Right! And what is happening in Hathras and Balrampur is caused directly by such an insensitive Chief Minister at the helm. And when you talk about his boss Narendra Modi, he is no better. You know when the bloody and communal riots took place in Gujarat this Narendra Modi justified those riots quoting third law of Newton. And you know when an IPS and upright officer Mr Sanjeev Bhatt exposed Narendra Modi in Gujarat riots Mr Sanjeev Bhatt was hounded. He was first dismissed and then he was falsely implicated in a so called custodial death case. I have read Rana Ayyub’s book Gujarat Files and if you read that book you will see how these criminals engineered anti Muslim pogrom in Gujarat. So now there is a deadly combination of Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath and this Modi Yogi combination is wreaking havoc in India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi after Hathras mayhem called for the harshest punishment to the perpetrators, CM Yogi Adityanath gave a harsher message even to punish the culprits. These two statements and Police officials claiming that there was no rape and media projecting this as fabricated story on part of Congress. Do you feel it contradictory?

See neither Narendra Modi nor Yogi Adityanath is serious about any punishment. They are doing what is called nautanki. You know Modi is expert in telling big lies. He promised that every Indian would get 15 lacs in his bank account. And now Amit Shah says it was only a jumlebazi. So the BJP is party of Jumlebaz people. Modi is doing a lip service because he is afraid of losing Dalit vote bank. His image is already tarnished across the world. You know how American magazine Time has recently criticised Modi for turning India into a dark nation. A country full of revenge, witch hunt and hatred. So Narendra Modi is worried about his own image and coming Bihar elections too because if Hathras becomes a big issue and it has already become a national issue, then BJP is in a big danger of losing Dalit votes in Bihar also. So Modi and Yogi are only doing a political drama.

The victim was cremated in the dark. What reason may be behind this?

According to the Hindu traditions, a body is not created after the sunset. So cremating the body of a Hindu girl at midnight was against Hindu tradition and that too by a party which claims itself the custodian of Hindu culture. That is why it is very abnormal. There must be some strong reason behind the cremation. I think Yogi Adityanath was quite afraid about a second post mortem being ordered by the court. The first post mortem which was a normal one was done by a single doctor but if the court had ordered a second post mortem that would have been done by a medical board. Medical board is made of minimum three doctors. So Adityanath was very eager to destroy all evidences therefore Hathras administration was ordered to cremate the body at midnight. When the issue has snowballed into a national one, these policemen have been made scapegoats and they have been placed under suspension but t is quite clear that they were cremating the body under the instructions of their high-ups.

The constituted SIT has asked for Narco analysis of the family of the victim along with the arrested suspects. Is this a way to traumatise the victim family more? Is this Ok to ask the victim family for a lie detector test?

Yes. That is quite obvious. Because for the first time I am hearing this that even victim’s family members will have to go under Narco test . That is very strange. You rightly pointed out that it is a ploy to put psychological pressure on the family members. And SIT has also been constituted by UP government only and it is not an autonomous body. It will not act independently. I think there must be a CBI enquiry into the Hathras incident and because CBI is also under political pressure that enquiry should be supervised by Allahabad High Court. Allahabad High Court has got a very upright chief justice right now, Justice Govnd Mathur who dropped all charges against Dr Kafil Khan. I think the Allahabad High Court will ensure justice to the victim and her family.

I think the only person who should undergo in the Hathras rape case is Yogi Adityanath himself because this criminal turned Yogi has been hobnobbing with Thakur criminals for a long time. You see what is happening on UP. National Security Act was slapped against Dr Kafeel Khan who was totally innocent. But the UP Police do not touch the biggest mafia don Raja Bhaiya known as Kunda Ka Gunda (Don of Kunda) all over the country just because both Adityanath and Raja Bhaiya are from same Thakur caste. So if there should be a lie detector test UP Chief Minister should go this test in the first place.

What lapses on Police part do you find in this particular case?

The police performed in a most unprofessional manner. Even senior police officers acted like BJP workers. The most important lapse on the part of the police was that secret cremation at midnight which raised many questions about the role of the police. And now you are talking about this Narco test or lie detector test for victim’s family members which is also unheard of. I think UP police have become a puppet in the hands of Yogi Adityanath and these policemen have brought disgrace to the Khaki uniform, to say the least.

What about the performance of fast track courts? Do we need courts with bullet speed now?

Fast track courts have a very important role to play. You know what happened in a Muzaffarpur shelter home case. The honourable Supreme Court ordered a day to day hearing of the case and the court also moved out the case from Bihar and the case was transferred from Bihar to Delhi. And the Saket POSCO court finally sentenced Brajesh Thakur life imprisonment. So fast courts have a big role in this Hathras case. First, plead the case should be transferred out of UP and not to another BJP ruled state. But preferably to Kerala which is a communist ruled state where BJP will not be able to manage things. Secondly, a day to day hearing of the case should be ordered. That happened in the Unnao rape case too. And that should happen in this Hathras gang rape case too. If the honourable Supreme Court or the honourable Allahabad High Court supervises the case, then I think justice will be done.

What would you prefer – encounter in a Telangana style or capital punishment as was done in Nirbhaya case?

I can never support an encounter in Telangana style because I strongly believed that the encounter was a fake one. And illegal means should not be adopted by the police. I would prefer capital punishment in the Nirbhaya case style where all legal procedures were followed.

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