Four children electrocuted in Bihar

A file photo of an electrocuted child. Image credit: Hindustan Times

–TMC Desk

Patna, Jan 4: Four children including three girls were electrocuted on Thursday in Bihar’s Saharsa district, police said.

The incident took place near a railway track in Saharsa, about 250 km from Patna.

According to police, as the body of a missing boy was spotted in a pond, his two sisters, along with a friend, entered it to take the body out and came in contact with with a live high voltage electric wire that had fallen into water.

“It was an accident that they came in contact with a live high voltage electric wire in the water body and got electrocuted,” a district police official said.

Angry over the death of four children due to negligence of electricity department officials, local residents blocked the road in protest. Some protesters pelted stones, attacked passing vehicles and damaged them.

Earlier, the police had been informed that the boy was missing since Wednesday. But the locals said he had fallen into the water body and got electrocuted.


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