From Ram Janambhoomi to Kishna Janambhoomi: Swami Chinmayanand Goes to Jail

Rape Accused BJP Former Minister Swamy Chinmayanand and UP CM Yogi Adityanath (Photo Courtesy: PTI)

Swami Chinmayanand has finally been arrested in a sexual assault case. Swami was one of the poster boys of the Ram Janambhoomi movement. The Movement to claim Ram’s so called birthplace saw bloodshed on an unprecedented scale. Thousands lost their lives in communal riots. Children became orphans and women widows as Ram Bhakts ran amok. From Ram Janambhoomi to Krishna Janambhoomi, Swami Chinmayanand’s ride has been roller coaster. (According to Hindu mythology, Krishna was born inside a prison. Therefore, I am referring to jail as Krishna Janambhoomi)!

Swami Chinmayanand is no ordinary baba. He was Atal Behari Vajpayee’s blue eyed boy. Vajpayee, the so called poet politician, was so fond of Swami that he made Chinmayanand Minister of State for Home Affairs. This meant that all IPS officers were placed at the Swami’s holy feet! And Swami Chinmayanand is Dhongi Adityanath’s guru also. When the BJP stormed to power in UP some years ago, Manoj Sinha was the front runner in the CM race. Then Swami Chinmayanand pulled some strings in New Delhi and Nagpur (the RSS headquarters) made his chela Adityanath the UP CM. There were many slips between the cup and lips, Manoj Sinha learnt the hard way.

With his Chela in the CM chair, Chinmayanand’s looked invincible. As they say in Hindi: Saiyaan Bhaye Kotwal! Swami Chinmayanand was born in Gonda, UP as Krishna Pal Singh. He donned saffron and became Swami Chinmayanand! With Mahant Avaidyanath’s blessings, he entered the Lok Sabha and caught Vajpayee’s eyes. He became a Union Minister and there was no looking back. Chinmayanand’s Janambhoomi is Gonda but karmabhoomi is Shahjahanpur. Mumukshu Ashram is his sprawling base. He runs several colleges in Shahjahanpur. He allegedly raped a girl who studied at his law college. A criminal running a LAW college! It happens only in India.

Shahjahanpur, as the name suggests, is named after a Mughal Emperor. Now Dhongi Adityanath hates everything Muslim. During the Gorakhpur riots, he allegedly exhorted Hindu youths to take out Muslim women from their graves and rape them! Dhongi Adityanath changed Allahabad to Prayag Raj because there is an Allah in Allahabad. As “guru dakshina“, he must have planned to change Shahjahanpur’s name to Chinmay Nagar, after Chinmayanand. But the Supreme Court intervened and his guru is now cooling his heels in a jail. Shah Jahan must be smiling in his heavenly abode.

La affaire Chinmayanand also brought the Bajrang Dal’s hypocrisy to the fore. The self appointed moral custodians of society, Bajrang Dal goons assault lovebirds on Valentine’s Day. According to Bajrangi hoodlums, Valentine’s Day is contrary to the glorious Bhartiya sanskriti! But when Swami Chinmayanand’s nude videos went viral, the Bajrang Dal ruffians kept mum as if taking a nude massage from a girl is the essence of Bhartiya sanskriti!

Swami Chinmayanand has joined a long list of Babas accused of sex escapades. Asaram Bapu has been serving a life sentence in the Jodhpur jail. Asaram had a code word for rape at his ashram. He called rape “ekaant anushthan” (worship in solitude). His son Narayan Sai, a Surat jail inmate, is also a rape convict. Another Baba Black Sheep is Gurmeet Ram Rahim. He deflowered virgins inside his “gufa” (the cave). And had a fearless journalist murdered because he exposed his misdeeds in his newspaper. Now Ram Rahim has been serving life term at the Rohtak jail in Haryana.

All these rapist Babas have some things in common. At their ashrams, “chamatkar” and “balatkar” go hand in hand. They perform “miracles”, impress gullible devotees and then rape girls. All these Babas have VIPs as their chelas. Asaram Bapu’s list of devotees read as India’s who’s who. I saw a video in which Atal Behari Vajpayee was sharing dias with Asaram. “Bapu ki katha suni. Bahut anand aya” declared Vajpayee in shudhh Hindi as Asaram kept smiling. The Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar went out of the way to help Ram Rahim whose Dera Sachcha Sauda commands a powerful vote bank in the state. Dozens died in Panchkula the day Ram Rahim was sentenced.

Today, I had coconut laddoos to celebrate Swami Chinmayanand’s arrest. All credits go to the Supreme Court of India. The UP cops were busy registering one FIR after another against Azam Khan. One for stealing goats. Another for stealing goat’s kids. Yet another FIR for stealing goat’s grandkids! No police officer was ready to touch Chief Minister’s guru (or guru ghantaal?). The Supreme Court made Chinmayanand’s arrest possible. There is a smile on Mother India’s face and national mourning for Ram Bhakts!

(Mr. Amitabh Kumar Das is a 1994 batch IPS Officer. His views are personal.)

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