Gargi College Molestation Row: Twitterati show anger and question Police and Administration role

After four days have passed since girls were allegedly molested, their skirts were pulled and some masturbated at them but no police complaint has been registered so far.

Seeing inaction of Gargi College administration which falls under Central Human Resources Department and Delhi Police under Home Ministry of Amit Shah, Twitterati flocked to Twitter to vent their anger and demand justice for the girls of the premier college of Delhi University.

Actor and Alumnus of the College Huma Qureshi took to Twitter and wrote “Mass molestation in #GargiCollege What the hell is going on ?? This is where I studied…. Makes me so sick and angry! Why can’t we protect our daughters ? Why can’t we protect our students in this country??”

Famous Singer and Composer Vishal Dadlani also wrote on his Twitter hamdle. “Glad to see some action on it! I hope parents of the victims of the mass-molestation at #GargiCollege realise that while the goons were from a certain political group, this time they didn’t differentiate based on religion. All your daughters were equally endangered.

Wake up!” he wrote.

National President of NSUI, Neeraj Kundan termed this incident shameful and condemnable. “#GargiCollege incident is shameful & condemnable. We demand strict action against culprits. Why Delhi police is not taking action is totally doubtful & unacceptable,” he wrote and shared his video clip on Twitter.

“You have to be scared when a police force thrashes students in a campus protest but doesn’t protect women from mass sexual abuse on another campus. #GargiCollege,” eminent journalist Burkha Dutt wrote.

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