Good Words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

"Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas And Now Sabka Vishwas": PM Modi Speech At NDA Meet (Image Source: Twitter)

Narendra Modi who is all set for a second term as prime minister on Saturday said his government will now begin “a new journey to build a new India with new energy” and asked newly elected MPs of the NDA to work without any discrimination, including on the basis of faith and castes

In his over 75-minute address after being elected the leader of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance, Modi also stressed on the need to win over the trust of minorities, saying they were made to live in “fear” and “exploited” during elections for vote-bank politics, apparently a dig at the opposition parties.

Responsibilities will be given as per norms, he said

“We ran the government for poor people between 2014-19 and I can say the poor elected govt this time,” Modi said

“We have worked for sabka saathsabka vikas, now sabka vishwas is our mantra,” the PM said.

“The way the poor have been cheated, the minorities have been deceived the same way. It would have been good if their education, their health had been taken care of. In 2019, I expect you to punch a hole in that deception. We have to earn their trust,” PM Modi said in parliament’s Central Hall this evening.

“The way the poor were deceived, we were able to end it.”

“We stand for those who trusted us and also for those whose trust we have to win over,” he said

Modi also gave several directions to the MPs, including to not give media statements merely for publicity and shun the “VIP culture”

He invoked the spirit of 1857 struggle for freedom, saying all communities had then joined hands for independence and a similar movement should be started for good governance now

The NDA has 353 MPs, including 303 of the BJP.

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