Hate Crime 3: In Mathura, Foreign Devotee attacked for not responding to Ram-Ram, attacker arrested

On Tuesday, on Parikrama road in the Govardhan area of ​​Mathura, a foreign devotee with a knife in was attacked by an extremist Hindu. The foreigner got injured and hospitalised. The police arrived at and took him to the community health center. The attacker has also been arrested.

Jemitris, a resident of Latvia, who has been living in India on a tourist visa since last five years in Khajoor Ghat of Radhakund in Mathura. On Tuesday morning when he was hymning, a young man named Rishi attacked the foreign devotee’s neck with a knife.

Foreign devotee was injured and hospitalised. Local Police took him to the nearby community health center where he was out of danger. “There was no sharp wound in his neck,” Chowki-incharge Inderjit Sigh told the media and confirmed that the accused has been arrested.

In an investigation, the accused admitted his crime. “I greeted him Ram Ram and he did not respond. When I greeted him again with Ram Ram, he did not greet back rather slapped me. I got angry and attacked him,”  the accused said.

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