Hindu Patnaites open doors of their homes for Kashmiri Muslims

Kashmiri Students beatan in Chhattisgarh (Photo Source: Social Media)

Kashmiri Students and Businessmen outside their state are facing backlash in Northern states of India after terror attack on CRPF convoy on Thursday. Like so many cities in India where local population has come been sympathy and help, Patna is also on forefront now.

Youth fellow of Jay Prakash Narayana in his movement and convenor of Mukti Vahini Ashok Priyadarshi and his family opened their door for distressed Kashmiris living in Patna.

“Our doors are open for those living in fear out of communal tension in the city post Pulwama incident. We guarantee their safe stay here.” Priyadarshi wrote in a WhatsApp message.

Professor Prakash of Kankerbagh also welcomed Kashmiris living in fear due to tension in the city. Arti Verma and her husband Rajpal also extended their help to the people of Kashmir living in Patna. They all said their doors were open.

Social Activist Kabita and her husband Siddharth of New Patliputra Colony are also ready to make room for Kashmiris in their homes.

“Those living in Patna in fear of any communal tension can come my home. Their safety will be guaranteed,” they wrote in a WhatsApp message.

Former Director of famous A.N Sinha Institute Dr. Diwakar Sinha also asked his fellow citizens of Kashmir living in Patna in fear to come his home.

Those who wish to stay safe in Patna can contact on their phone numbers. They are:

Mr. Priyadarshi/ Ms. Zumbish: 9431077343

Mrs. Kabita/Mr. Siddharth: 8797441003

Professor Prakash: 9430421072

Mrs. Aarti/Mr. Rajpal: 9910532650

After Pulwama incident where more than 40 CRPF jawans were killed in a terror attack, goons of some social organisations vandalised Kashmiri shops and strong-armed their owners at Lahasa Market in Patna where they trade their products every year in winter season. The goons had given them ultimatum to leave Patna in 24 hours. The same incident happened in Dehradun of Uttrakhand when Kashmiri students locked themselves in fear of life from the frenzy mob outside their hostel.

When in Dehradun a college administration gave in to mob and suspended its Kahsmiri Dean, local population of India helping their fellow citizens is a bright example of integrity of India. This is a big slap in the face of goons and indicates that root of tolerance in Indian society is deep-seated.

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