“If court rules against a temple, there will be bloodshed: AOL Founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Rabi Shankar meeting with UP CM Yogi Adityanath (Image credit: Twitter)

New Delhi, March 06, 2018 (TMC Desk) Indian Spiritual Guru and Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has sensationalized the Babri Masjid issue with his statement during his interviews to different TV channels.

In his interview to NDTV, he said that “If court rules against a temple, there will be bloodshed. Do you think the Hindu majority will allow it? They will garner resentment towards the Muslim community.”

When asked by NDTV if that wasn’t pre-empting the order and the government’s job to implement it, he said, “There are thousands of orders that are not implemented. Do you think the majority community will accept such an order?”

“If court rules in favour of a temple, Muslims will feel defeated. They may lose faith in the judiciary and there are chances of resorting to extremism. Exchange is the only solution. Muslims will get 5 acres of land in return, elsewhere in Ayodhya” spiritual guru told to NDTV.

“There will be unrest in country. There is a possibility of a civil war in the country if the court orders in favour of Babri Masjid,” he said in an interview to another TV channel.

In another interview to a TV channel, he said that India would be a Syria in case the court order goes against the Ram Mandir.

Many Twiterati reacted to his statement. Dhruv Rathee, a twitter user and BJP critique tweeted “Art of living founder gives lectures to others on tolerance, thinking positively and living life in peace. And he himself is not only dangerously pessimistic but also provoking people by predicting an imminent bloodshed. Is this the art of living with hypocrisy?”

Another Twitter user, Akash Banerjee who is a journalist extracts four senses out of AOL founder’s statement. He sees this as a contempt of Supreme Court, current central government, majority community and citizens intelligence.

“This is 1 Contempt of SC (trying to influence judgement) 2 Contempt of Modi Govt. (by stating that he wouldn’t be able to implement a court order) 3 Contempt of the majority community (by painting them as bloodthirsty goons) 4 Contempt on citizens intelligence (who see through u).” He tweeted.

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