Kerala and Rajasthan set an example in a fight against Corona, A lesson for the BJP led Central and State Governments

COVID19, the global epidemic corona disease, has cost 13 thousand lives so far. So far, about 3 lakh people have suffered. The positive thing is that this disease is fatal but the doctor has found ways to cure it. So far, about 67 thousand people have been cured of it, which is more than 3 times the number of deaths. In India, this figure is 315 and the number of people who died and recovered is 4. This world disaster can be prevented by social distancing, so people are being advised to stay home world over to prevent this disease where there are more infections. In India, on March 22, such an experiment is being done and it seems to be successful. At the request of the Prime Minister, people have acted with great vigor. But will all this be possible only with the request to lock people inside their houses. Kerala has done something that presents a great great for the whole country.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has announced a Rs 20,000 crore package. This includes free ration for two months to all households, not just those holding Below Poverty Line ration cards. 50 lakh state’s pentioners will get two months’ pension paid in March itself. Those households that do not receive any social security benefit at all will get Rs 1000. The payment period for electricity and water bills has been extended by one month, with no fines. The state is starting 1,000 food outlets that will sell meals for Rs 20. The schools are closed, but midday meals will be delivered to the homes. A health package of Rs 500 crore has also been announced. The state is also clearing dues to be paid to all the vendors, especially small and medium enterprises.

Kerala chief minister also supported Janta Curfew announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Kerala will wholeheartedly join the national campaign against #COVID19. We hope that the call of Hon’ble @PMOIndia @narendramodi will help to improve the preparedness of our country to this pandemic. India must together rise up to this challenge. We will prevail.,”Pinarayi said.

Rajasthan is second state which announced similar packages. Rajasthan Government announced a complete lock down till 31st March. The state chief minister Ashok Gehlot would give two months pension to the beneficiaries of social security pension in April first week. Gehlot said that his government would give NFSA beneficiary families ration wheat free of cost till month of May. In urban areas, he has decided to provide daily wagers,laborers,street vendors as well as ordinary poor people, who are not listed as NFSA beneficiaries, packets of food items from 1st April till 2 months.

Surprisingly, Government of India led by Narendra Modi has no such plans announced so far. No BJP led state government has decided either. They have a chance to learn from Kerala and Rajasthan as lockdown alone will not suffice the purpose. India is home to 50 millions people who have no food to eat daily. Millions and millions count on their daily earnings. A lockdown will lead to more hunger and deaths out of it. Kids who are provided mid day meal have been deprived as their schools are closed.

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