Nitish Kumar’s exit from the Mahagathbandhan is a blessing in disguise

For any organisation, be it political, social or cultural, to succeed, the individual greed should never find a place. Difference of opinion will be there on issues within the organisation and it should be for healthy functioning,  but the individual lust at the cost of common objective will certainly in the long run shrink the scope and the opportunity for the organisation to grow and jeopardise the common goal.
The current Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar is a classical example in the above case. He has always put forward his personal lust first at the cost of the Opposition alliance pursuit of common objectives.
Looking back at Kumar’s track record right from association and then disassociation with  the BJP to the association and disassociation with the RJD and again the latest association with the BJP, it smacks of his complete selfishness and self centerdness. He has always dampened the mood and initiative of his alliance partner on common stand be it demonetisation or Presidential candidate.Mr Kumar is well known to act on his whims and fancies.
On many occasions, ‘the susashan babu’ has laid bare his latent self but his alliance partners have probably failed to fathom his words, the latest being his statement at press meet post his resignation on 26 July. He told at the press gathering that he has ‘listened to his conscience’. Actually he was referring to his conscience of personal lust for power at any cost.
All his past claims like ‘RSS mukt Bharat‘  or his ‘zero tolerance’  for  corruption stand exposed as he hardly practises what he preaches. He has joined hands with the same RSS people whom he had told to get rid of. As for his claim for zero tolerance on corruption, one hardly finds any government offices in Bihar where corruption is not the norm even after his governance for more than a decade  leave alone his political alliance with the convicted RJD boss Lalu Yadav in the first place.
In fact,  Nitish exit from the present opposition alliance is a blessing in disguise for the opposition parties as they have got rid of a man who always proved spoilsport.
It is high time the opposition should act urgently and let competent and committed leaders take the lead to  prepare a road map to mount effective opposition as in a functioning democracy effective opposition is always good for the nation building.
Shahnawaz Ahmad is an amateur journalist based in Patna
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