Nitish will prefer to die but not form government with the BJP: Lalu Prasad Yadav

After Nitish Kumar resigned as the chief minister of Bihar, Lalu’s first reaction was that Nitish would prefer to die but not form government with the BJP as Nitish himself said previously.

Lalu talking in a press conference in Patna has said that Nitish is accused in a case of IPC 302 himself and it is obvious in his affidavit to Election Commission. “So how can a chief minister ask Tejashwi’s resignation when he himself is an accused in such heinous crime”, he added.

Lalu said that he spoke for 40 minutes last night and he never asked for Tejashwi’s resignation.

Lalu said “what zero tolerance and what honesty” when he remained the chief minister for years in spite of a case pending against him. “Crime of murder is more heinous than case of corruption”, he said.

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