Oath ceremony prepones from evening to morning Thursday

Enough to tell the truth that high end drama of Tejashwi resignation was all about disbanding the Maha Gathbandhan

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In a tense night with many swings and shifts Governor House (Raj Bhawan), Patna turned out to be the focal point of politics. As soon as JDU’s Nitish Kumar along with his new alliance partner NDA members departed from Raj Bhawan with a new schedule for the oath ceremony, protesting RJD legislature and members marched to Raj Bhawan.

It was first reported that Nitish Kumar will take oath on Thursday at 5.00 P.M. which hastily advanced to 10.00 o’clock morning in view of RJD’s booked meeting with governor at 11.00 A.M. According to sources, Nitish Kumar didn’t want to take any risk as reports previously suggested that a sizable number of JDU’s legislature is not happy with Nitish decision of aligning with BJP. Given the vulnerability JDU took the measure to avoid giving any time to RJD to devise any defection.

Meanwhile, RJD claimed that they are single largest party hence it’s their right to be given chance to form government. RJD’s spokesperson Manoj Jha declared that a chunk of JDU leaders are in their touch. It is also reported that Lalu Yadav has talked with Sharad Yadav who was said to be in favor for intact Grand Alliance.

Five members of RJD protester met with Governer Keshari Nath Tripathi and requested him that they deserve the opportunity by virtue of being single largest party and Grand alliance minus JDU, still being the largest block.

After meeting Governor, Tejaswi Yadav talking to media said that calling Nitish to form government is against the constitutional norm and RJD is exploring legal options.

He said that it was all well planned and began eight months ago when Nitish had taken charge of the party from Sharad Yadav. He said Tejaswi was just an excuse; Nitish had already made his mind to go with BJP. He further said that Nitish is exposed before the people of Bihar; he ditched the mandate given by backward castes, EBc’s, Dalits, Mahadalits and minorities. Tejaswi announced that RJD will protest against Nitish kumar by burning his effigy across the state.

Although JDU has completed a full circle of its journey, the Politics in Bihar perhaps will take few more days to get a clear picture.

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