On Sabarimala: Narendra Modi says the conduct of Kerala govt one of the most shameful in history

Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan felicitating PM Modi in Kollam (Photo: ANI)

“Modi should stop giving lectures on culture and history. Modi’s culture is Hitler’s culture! Don’t disturb God’s Own Country by your hate!” said CPM

Sabarimala issue has been a point of tussle between the CPM that wanted to enforce Supreme Court’s order to lift ban on women’s entry into the temple and the BJP that stood in the state against the apex court’s order and has been stubborn in not allowing women into Lord Ayappa’s temple.

In the same episode, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today made a vehement verbal attack on Kerala’s Left-led government and the opposition Congress over the handling of the Sabarimala temple issue. Supreme Court in its verdict had ended the shrine’s traditional ban on women of menstruation age. The BJP has been protesting in Kerala against the verdict whereas the Kerala government supported the verdict and women activists who wanted to enter into temple and perform prayers before the Lord Ayyappa. The state government had said it was its duty to implement the top court’s orders.

Prime Minister in its covert praise said in the function “We have often seen infrastructure projects get stalled for various reasons. Public money is wasted due to cost and time over-runs. We decided that this culture of wastage of public money can’t continue. Through PRAGATI (Pro-Active Governance And Timely Implementation), we’re accelerating projects & overcoming problems.”

“When we formed government, only 56% of rural habitations were connected by a road. Today more than 90% of rural habitations are connected by a road. I am sure that we will definitely achieve the target of 100% soon,” he further praised.

“4 years back did anyone think that India could be the fastest growing economy? In 4 years, we have made the transition from being one of the fragile five nations to the fastest growing economy.” he added.

“The conduct of Kerala LDF govt on Sabarimala issue will go down in history as one of the most shameful behaviour by any party & govt. We knew that communists do not respect Indian history, culture and spirituality but nobody imagined that they will have such hatred.” he criticised Kerala govt vehemently.

“UDF is no better. Congress has multiple stands – they say one thing in Parliament but a different thing in Pathanamthitta. Our stand on this issue has always been clear. And, the actions of our party match our words Sabarimala,” he said.

“Left and Congress make tall claims about respect to gender justice and social justice but their actions are exactly the opposite. NDA Government has been working towards abolishing Triple Talaq. Who is opposing us on this? Communists and the Congress,” he said this referring to his move to abolish triple talaq system in Muslim community which was passed by Lok Sabha but held up in Rajya Sabha by the opposition parties.

“A few days ago, our Government had the historic opportunity to pass a legislation that gives 10% quota to poor people from the general category. We believe that every Indian, irrespective of caste, creed or community deserves equal opportunity.” he further said.

“UDF and LDF are different in name but in neglecting Kerala’s yuva shakti, they are same. UDF and LDF are different in name but in ignoring the poor, they are same. UDF and LDF are different in name but in cheating the people of Kerala, they are same.” he said.

“UDF & LDF are two sides of the same old coin. Different in name, but in corruption, casteism & communalism, they are same. Different in name, but in damaging Kerala’s cultural fabric, they are same. Different in name, but in political violence, they are same.” he emphatically said.

In Narendra Modi’s response, the CPM also hit back at PM Modi with a tweet. “Shameful that Modi attacked the LDF Govt for implementing Supreme Court’s order on Sabarimala while inaugurating a project in Kollam in Kerala. Modi should read the Indian constitution which he is sworn to uphold rather than Manusmriti or RSS oath!” the tweet said.

In another tweet, CPM asked PM Modi not to disturb God’s Own Country by his hate in a warning tome. “And Modi should stop giving lectures on culture and history. Modi, Your culture is Hitler’s culture!
Don’t disturb God’s Own Country by your hate!” the tweet said.

After three months of protests, a young woman managed to enter the shrine for the first time on January 3.

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