Participate in #AskTheGovernment campaign and Win a Book

The government is shying away from any legitimate questions. Those in power have stopped attending to real issues. They are avoiding the press. Media is busy with trifles. Question hour in parliament is even stopped.

Public issues are simply being ignored.

In order to tackle with the situation where you are not heard, The Morning Chronicle has started a novel initiative where you will be heard and your problem will be fixed as well.

We have started a Twitter account AskTheGovernment (@AskTheGovernme1). Every day, every hour we will ask the government questions assessing their importance and impact on people. The most retweeted question will be awarded a book worth Rs. 500.

How to do if you do not have a Twitter account?

You send your questions to us on our WhatsApp number 9472864896 or mail us the question at The question and Whom to ask the question should be clear. You can follow these examples when putting your question forward.

The Prime Minister of India – When will you bring Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi, Vijay Malya and Others back home?

The Chief Minister of India – Why are you in a haste in conducting elections when the risk of pandemic is increasing?

The Railway Minister – Where are those rail coaches which you wanted to convert into isolation wards for COVID19?

How to do if you have a Twitter account?

If you have a Twitter account, just follow our account @AskTheGovernme1. And tag us with your question. This way:

@AskTheGovernme1 @PMO When will you bring Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi, Vijay Malya and Others back home?

Your question will reach us and the desired account. You can see how many answers you are getting.

We will float Question of the Day on our portals as a lead story.

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