Press Release: Ambedkar Students’ Association protest against defiling of Velivada

ASA students protest over velivada

The students under the united banner of Justice for Rohith staged a protest the administration building today demanding an explanation and rein-station of the portraits of the great leaders that were removed by the Appa Rao led administration. The students reclaimed the space of Velivada by placing the smaller portraits of the same leaders which were demolished by Appa Rao at the space of Velivada. Students then marched from Velivada to the admin building holding the portraits of the same people. The administration building was surrounded by battalion of police as part of the usual tactics of intimidation.

Podile Appa Rao, who had ordered the removal of velivada and demolition of the portraits ran away from the university. The registrar was also not available. After pressure from the students, the registrar-in-charge Devesh Nigam addressed the students saying that he will forward the same matters conveyed to the registrar and vice chancellor. Three students, namely G Sreeja Vasthavi, Sannaki Munna, and Dontha Prashanth who were issued notice asking them to remove Velivada replied to the notice and submitted it to the registrar in charge. The response of the students claimed that the notice is “false, concocted and invented purposefully and implicating to face frivolous and vexatious litigations in any atrocious manner”. It also says that the allegations made in the notice are “In toto false and manufactured for ruining” the careers of the students.

But, as the registrar was not available and the demands were not met, the protest was dispersed with announcement that protests will continue in multiple of forms until velivada is reinstated and Appa Rao is arrested and removed from Vice Chancellor.

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