Ramadan begins today, Narendra Modi and other World Leaders greet Muslims. Rahul Gandhi still in a state of shock

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Delhi, May 17, 2018 (TMC Desk) Holy month of Ramadan began today on Thursday after sighting moon yesterday. Muslims world across observe fasting in this month as their one of the five duties prescribed by their religion.

Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. The month commemorates the Quran first being revealed to the Prophet Muhammad; a moment honoured with abstinence from food and water, cigarettes and sexual activity during daylight hours.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets his citizens in English and Urdu as well. “Ramzan greetings to everyone. We recall the pious thoughts of Paighambar Mohammad Sahab, who highlighted the importance of harmony, kindness and charity. These are also the virtues the Holy Month of Ramzan stands for. ” He tweeted.

He tweeted the same in Urdu as well.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May also greeted her countrmen. “”I send my warmest wishes to all those celebrating Ramadan: a unique and special time for Muslims in the UK and around the world.” She tweeted.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeted Muslims in Canada and around the world. “To Muslims in Canada and around the world, I wish you a blessed & peaceful Ramadan. #Ramadan Mubarak!” He tweeted with a video message.

However, Rahul Gandhi who never misses to greet on special occasions has no tweet. It seems he is still in shock of defeat in Karnataka.

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