Sadhguru covertly hints India going Pakistan way in his viral video

-Mohammad Mansoor Alam

Much criticised video interaction of Sadhguru shared by our prime minister Narendra Modi (I think his team mistakenly shares this video merely because he supports CAA and NRC) has many inherent messages for Mr. Narendra Modi and his party which they simply missed out.

In his video message, Sadhguru responds to a question raised by a little girl from Lucknow on confusion of CAA and NRC and explains in a lucid yet misinformed way. He keeps telling he does not know so and so exactly. However, he told that India is not like her neighbouring countries where people are discriminated on the basis of religion by the law. I could not agree with Sadhguru more, Pakistan has been discriminating her people on the basis of religion and that too by law as he rightly pointed out. And he could not agree with me more that CAA discriminates people on the basis of religion and that too by the law. It is the first time in the history of post independence India that a law has been passed that discriminates people on the basis of religion.

Although, the priest explains that in spite of this law even Muslims can apply for Indian citizens in a normal way but he forgets that there will be a different process for Muslims like Tasleema Nasreen and Tarek Fatah for being an Indian. There is a difference in timing as well. Remember hard work done by Tarek Fateh in Zee Popular Program ‘Fateh Ka Fatwa‘ to spread islamophobia. Tasleema Nasreen also did a lot in spreading hatred against Bangladesh in her book ‘Lajja‘.  Both are exempted in this law from enjoying Indian citizens.

Sadhguru tells that our India is fortunately not like that of Pakistan and this is the message Modi Sahib and his deputy generals should understand. We must not be Pakistan.

Post Imran Khan, Pakistan has seen a few changes. Pakistan has passed a law that approves Hindu code of conduct in their marriages ( even before Imran Khan became PM in 2017. India imposed Triple Talaq Act which is somehow an intervention in Muslim Personal Laws. Pakistan is reconstructing damaged temples ( but unfortunately India has not been able to favour Indian Musllims in Babri case. Babri Masjid was demolished and lost its case of land even before not its single perpetrator tasted the punishment. It seems impossible now to punish those responsible for destruction of Babri Masjid though Supreme Court told in its verdict that it was a crime. Surprisingly, crime went without unpunished.

The way Pakistan is improving it seems Pakistan is now Gandhi’s India and India is Jinnah’s Pakistan.  Bangladesh has improved a lot in terms of safeguarding secular values of the country.

Sadhguru advocated NRC. I agree with him that NRC is a mandatory process to register its citizens. The way Sadhguru explained the process of NRC is worth appreciation. I wish Amit Shah would introduce the same process in the parliament. The religious Guru says anybody who has a ration card, a passport, a voter id card, an Aadhar card and even one does not have all these at least one should have three witnesses to say he is a citizen of India and he will be registered as a valid citizen of India. WOW! Mr. Home Minister must listen and follow the formula.

I appreciate Sadhguru for telling the truth of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is a Muslim dominated country and one of the most liberal nations in the world in practicing religion. As he told even Pakistani Hindus go and worship in the fire temple in this Muslim country without any restrictions.

I pardon him for his wrong information on brutality by police in Uttar Pradesh and other BJP ruled states. In videos circulated on Social Media there are more than hundred examples where police are found vandalising more than the protesters (

I admit violence happened from the side of protesters but either due to infiltration or after sharp provocation as it happened in Phulwari Sharif, Patna where stones were pelted from the side of protesters after the anti protesters pelted stones and fired bullets. I like Gandhian way of protest and do not endorse even counter violence. Anyways, About 35 people got injured by stones and 11 received bullets. One 18 years old boy Amir Hanzla was trapped by the goons and killed and his body was recovered yesterday after 10 days. Not a single anti protester was injured. Unfortunately, all wounded are Muslims.  Moreover, Sadhguru should update on death toll and who died.

Sadhguru is revered by millions and his inherent messages must be followed by his followers.

(Mohammad Mansoor Alam is a citizen journalist and based in Patna.)

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