Senior BJP leader Swamy calls Modi Government moronic over charging train fares from migrant labourers

Subramanian Swmy (File Photo)

Senior BJP leader Subramnian Swamy who has been controversial over his anti Muslim and anti – Everybody remarks called Modi government moronic over charging train fares from migrant labourers.

In a tweet, Swamy said that it was moronic of the government to charge steep rail fares from migrant workers.

“How moronic of the Government of India to charge steep rail fares from the half starved migrant labourers! Indians stranded abroad were brought back free by Air India. If Railways refuse to budge then why not make PM CARES pay instead?” he tweeted.


Congress and other parties in opposition also hit out at this ill behaviour of central government to charge migrant labourers rail fares who have been jobless for more than 40 days due to lock down.

Congress leader Sonia Gandhi also hit out at central government for charging fares from the labourers. “When our Government can recognise its responsibility by arranging free air travel for our citizens stranded abroad, when the government can spend nearly Rs 100 crores on transport and food etc. for just one public programme in Gujarat, when the Rail Ministry has the largesse to donate Rs 151 Crores to the PM’s Corona fund, then why can’t these essential members of our nation’s fabric be given a fraction of the same courtesy, especially free rail travel, at this hour of acute distress,” the Congress chief said in her tweeted message.

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