Should Kejriwal not apologize to Aam Aadmi whom he actually misrepresented?

-Sameer Bharti

Had Anna movement not started I doubt Kejriwal and his team would have possessed the seat of power in Delhi. At least, it was a short route to his becoming one of the most vibrant Chief Ministers of India. His muffler, his being a retired IRS officer, his promises, his allegations did not do well if Anna was not his front end. The RSS was back-end it was obvious since the beginning. Better late than never, things have started unveiling. 2G scam was never a scam is almost clear now. Things may change in due course of time, maybe before 2019 general elections but the recent judgement regarding 2G scam by the CBI court is very disappointing to those who voted to non Congress parties and candidates due to its unconfirmed involvement in different scams. It goes without saying Kejriwal and his team hijacked the movement for coming to power which Anna said many times was not the motto. However, Anna Hazare was also not correct. It might be that he was not in mood to be in power but his movement was meant for uprooting the Manmohan Singh led government. The RSS, the BJP and their all associates including the AAP had used their all tools – social media, door to door campaigning, organising Shakhas, religious sermons and of course not to forget Baba Ramdev’s Yoga sessions. Crowd pulling Yoga sessions were in full swing ever. Different political asanas were taught to those who came to join which I also witnessed a few to. Soon after BJP coming to power, Yoga sessions have come to almost an end and Patanjali businesses went to a big high.

Arvind Kejriwal accused Bikram Majithia, Kapil Sibbal, Gadkari and so many but Sheila Dikshit was his biggest target as he primarily had an eye on Delhi. He initially did not  want to expand AAP out of Delhi and this was the reason Yogendra Yadav and his friends left the party. Grapevine was that Yogendra Yadav wanted to be chief of Punjab which Kejriwal did not approve.

Arvind Kejriwal and his team accused Sheila Dikshit for rapes in Delhi besides many issues though he was not too innocent to not know that Delhi Police was not in hands of Sheila Dikshit. It was the centre’s jurisdiction though of course it was her government at centre but targetting Sheila Dikshit for police inaction was his way of befooling voters of Delhi.

Jyoti Singh Pandey aka Nirbhaya rape case was also publicised by the media with great hype. I totally agree that this rape case was some kind of one of the most brutal rape cases however you cannot disagree to agree with me that this was the most publicised rape case in history of India to date. Crime data shows that rape cases are not reduced to date after almost four years of governance of AAP and BJP. Days back, a few such rapes occurred including rape of a very small girl which I hate to mention here. Rapes continue and both the governments relax. Media is also not dancing now at rapes of so many Nirbhayas. Yes, raperoko movement is on. RapeRoko movement is also not a choice of media today. It is actually controlled by AAP supported The Delhi Commission for Women which also seems a political stunt.

Anyways, Arvind Kejriwal did superb politics again by apologising to three senior leaders. Factors may be many behind this apology. His fees for lawyers may be one issue as it was cropped up by Ram Jethmalani months back. His apology may or may not yield him political mileage. However, I must say Arvind Kejriwal has apologized to wrong persons. He should apologize to Aam Aadmi first who voted him to be their chief minister and who feel cheated by him after his apologies today.

(Sameer Bharti writes for The Morning Chronicle regularly. His views are personal.)

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