–Ibrahim Hafeezur Rehman Movie titles sometimes describe the central character in a film (Maa/Beta/Vishwanath/MughaleAzam), sometimes a situation or emotion (Deewar/Aakrosh) but very rarely a title sums up the entire movie. Zero is one such exception […]


On being Atal

-Ibrahim Hafeezur Rehman Maut Ki Umr Kya Hai.. What is the span of death, just a few moments! Life is a continuum of today and not tomorrow… Famous words of a profound poet and statesman. […]


Indian Army

-Ibrahim Hafeezur Rehman Armies are set up to defend the land from any external aggression and to protect the sovereignty of a country.In this regard the Indian Army a truly formidable and valour imbued organisation […]


Searching for Congress

-Ibrahim Hafeezur Rehman More than any other stage in history, it is now that the country needs the principles of Gandhi that were tangibly reflected in the Congress ideology of yester years. A party that […]


Health and wealth

-Ibrahim Hafeezur Rehman ‘Health is wealth’ is getting converted to ‘health is for wealthy’ wherein in this era of  corporatisation of everything the approach to dealing with illness and disease is benchmarked more on amount […]


The Days Talisman

-Ibrahim Hafeezur Rehman   In our childhood we were generally celebrating Republic Day, Independence Day, etc., up until the fertile minds in this world started the process of manufacturing or converting each Day to cover […]


Ninety nine point nine

-Ibrahim Hafeezur Rehman In came the message on “WhatsApp University” that the young man had secured over 97% in CBSE. Everybody joined in the euphoria, cheering and celebrating the grand success of the ‘wonder’student. The […]


The malaise within

-Ibrahim Hafeezur Rehman No amount of repression, oppression and exploitation anywhere can justify the killings of innocent across any community or group. While in a secular society such as India it is the first and […]