Telangana Exit Polls show BJP and Congress both the door

According to Today-My Axis group, TRS party may get 79 to 91 assembly seats (File Photo)

-I. Ahmed

Hyderabad:   Exit polls conducted by majority of agencies of national repute  have hinted at clear majority for the ruling TRS party in Telangana state. While, some agencies have predicted a hung-assembly in the state. The exit-poll conducted by India Today-My axis group have stated that the TRS party might get 79 to 91 assembly seats. It stated that the grand alliance led by Congress party would get 21-33 assembly seats, the BJP 1-3 seats and others would get 4-7 assembly seats.

The exit polls of Times Now predicted that the TRS would get 66, the grand alliance 37, the BJP 7 and other political parties including MIM and independents would get 9 seats. However, the exist polls of republic-Jan Ki Baat hinted at a hung-assembly. It stated that the TRS emerge as the single largest party with a seat tally 50-65 assembly seats. It also stated that the grand alliance would 38-52, the BJP 4-7 and others would get 8-14 assembly seats. The News X exit polls have hinted at a fractured mandate in the state. It said that the TRS party would 57, the grand alliance 46, BJP 7 and others 10 seats.

Commenting on the issue, senior TRS leader  PL Srinivas told this correspondent that his party might get more number of seats than what the exit polls have predicted.

“All exit polls are hinting at our victory. But, I am confident that our party might win more number of seats than what they have predicted. The people of the state have reposed confidence on our CM Mr.K.Chandrasekhar Rao as he has implemented so many welfare programs for their development,” he said.

However, the Congress party senior leader Tulasi Reddy told this correspondent that most of the exit polls were indicating a fractured mandate except the Times Now survey. “I am confident that our party would do well in the elections. We need to wait for the declaration of the results,” he said. The polling was held in 119 assembly constituencies of the state. The results will be declared on December 11, 2018.

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