There is a will there is a way once again proved by auto-rickshaw drivers’s daughter when she secures 169 rank in JEE, about to enter IIT-Delhi

Infamous Chhattisgarh for naxalism is now in news for a very good reason. Kiran, daughter of an auto-rickshaw driver from Balrampur, Chhattisgarh has secured 169 position in the JEE (Advanced) entrance examination and has started preparing for her golden days ahead in IIT-Delhi.

“When I was in class 11th, I had no money to pay the fees. So I always wanted my daughter do her best in career,” Kiran’s happy father told ANI.

“We are very poor, but our daughter is working very hard with all she has. We are seeking ways to arrange money for her admission,” Kiran’s mother quoted as talking to the news agency.

However, the district collector has assued her every possible help.

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