Three thrashed in Shahpur, Bihar on suspicion of carrying beef

With the formation of new government of Nitish Kumar with the alliance of saffron party, cow vigilantes have been set to active mode. Likely a first instance in Bihar, a mob of people claiming themselves protectors of cows in Bhopjupr district thrashed a truck driver with other twos.

According to the local sources, the truck was coming from Rani Sagar, a historical place of Bhojpur district, where buffaloes are slaughtered for local supply as well as for export purpose and heading to Muzaffarpur. On the way, three kilometers away from the slaughter house, at Shahpur known for its Mahavira Sthan and Kundeswar Dham, a mob supposedly cow vigilantes have stopped the truck and thrashed the driver and others two.

However, Shahpur police have intervened and rid them of the mob and arrested. When the in-charge of the police station was contacted, he refused to say anything.

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