Times of India’s headline ‘ Modi and Xi will mate’ becomes a joke of the Day, Thanks to Photoshop

Headline saying Modi and Xi ‘will mate 6 times’ is fake, clarifies The Times of India

Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping and the photoshopped headline with the original one

New Delhi, April 27, 2018 (TMC Desk) It is first time on Social Media that headline of a media house became target of Fake News Factory doing rounds everyday in different forms. The Times Of India reported on Friday actually was ‘Modi, Xi will meet 6 times in 24 hours’ was done ‘Modi, Xi will mate 6 times in 24 hours’ and got viral on different Social Media platform.

Please note that Modi is in China and meeting Xi in Wuhan, a Chinese city known as ‘Chicago of China’ on Friday and Saturday to discuss bilateral and global issues.

Soon after realising the impact of the photoshopped headline, the newspaper clarified. “A Photoshopped image of our headline on the Modi-Xi meet is doing the rounds,” the English daily tweeted. “All our editions carry the correct headline. You can see the difference when the correct and fake headlines are placed together. The one on the right is the photoshopped image with the word ‘mate’ tilted.” The Newspaper tweeted.

So many who took fun of the headline on Twitter deleted their tweets later. However, the photoshopped image is still viral on WhatsApp and being received on the messenger app.

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