TMC “Survey P4” predictions: Congress winning back Karnataka

Karnataka Elections 2018 are over and fates of candidates are frozen in EVM machines. Political pundits have analysed exit poll results to predict winners in Karnataka. However, different minds have different finds. A very few say it is Congress who will get back to power.

On the eve of results The Morning chronicle has done a unique survey called “Post Poll Public Perception” or “ Survey P4” to predict the possible winners. Here are the figures of some of the exit polls and at the end of the report our survey results.

As per survey done by Times Now VMR BJP, Congress, JD (S) and others will get 94, 97, 28 and 3 respectively. Times Now Chanakya has predicted 120, 73, 26 and 3 for BJP, Congress, JD(S) and others respectively. Axis My India, a media house assumes that BJP, Congress, JD (S) and Others will get 85, 111, 26 and 0 seats in Karnataka Assembly elections. Axis My India is only surveryer that has given this much seat to Congress. CNX has given 106 seats to BJP and 75, 37, 4 seats to Congress, JD(S), Others. Center For Voting Opinions and Trends in Election Research, in short C-VOTER has given BJP about 10 seats short to get majority. It has given the BJP 103 seats whereas Congress, JD(S) and Others will get 93, 25 and 1 seats as per its Exit poll. Republic TV led Jan Ki Baat has given BJP 15 seat less than that of Times Now Chanakya. It has given 115 seats to BJP and 78, 37 and 2 to Congress, JD(S) and Others respectively. News Nation has predicted 107, 73, 38 and 4 to BJP, Congress, JD(S) and Others respectively. 

The Morning Chronicle after talking with political pundits, individual voters, party workers, local leaders in urban and rural areas across all the regions of the state, journalists, social activists and thinkers has arrived at this finding. Our “Survey P4“ goes in favour of Congress.

Congress will be single largest party with 110 seats, 3 seats short of becoming king of Karnataka. BJP will be second largest party with 73 seats, JD(S) will get 32 seats and others may have 07 seats.

Among others Swaraj India may open an account in Karnataka.

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