Why Kerala Not MODIfied, answers John Abraham

John Abraham At THE GOD WHO LOVED MOTORBIKES Book Launch (Videograb)

John Abraham whose recent release Batla House had raised many eyebrows talked about why Kerala has not been ‘Modi-fied’ yet. He was talking at the launch event of the book ‘The God Who Loved Motorbikes in Mumbai.’

John Abraham has recently acted in a few movies including Madras Cafe, Satyameva Jayate and Parmanu on patriotic theme.

The six packs loving actor has been avoiding political statements in spite of his some movies apparently seem sponsored ones and suit to a particular political party. However, when he was asked in the event of book launch he could not stop and talked on why Kerala is yet to be a Modi state.

“That’s the beauty about Kerala. You can see a temple, a mosque and a church within 10 metres of each other peacefully co-existing without any problem whatsoever. There’s absolutely no issue there. With the entire world getting very polarised, Kerala is an example of a place where religions and communities can co-exist so peacefully,” India Today quoted him as answering to a question raised by the program anchor.

The actor gave an indirect credit to communism for equality and fraternity in Kerala, however admitted that the state has communism as its extreme. “The other extreme, I remember when Fidel Castro passed away, I went to Kerala and that was the only state with his posters and hoardings all over to mourn his death. So Kerala is really communist in that way. My father made me read a lot of Marxist material. So there is a communist side in a lot of ‘mallus’ (Malayalis). We all believe in equitable living, equal distribution of wealth and Kerala is a shining example of that,” he said.

It is important to mention that the BJP has never been in power in Kerala. In the 2019 General elections, when Mod wave was at peak, BJP won no seat in Kerala. The Congress led UDF (United Democratic Front) had won the maximum seats, 19 out of 20 seats, in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

John Abraham was in Mumbai to launch the book The God Who Loved Motorbikes by Murali K Menon. On the work front, John’s last release Batla House performed really well at the box office. The film was released on Independence Day along with Akshay Kumar’s Mission Mangal. Despite having a tough competition from the Akshay Kumar film, John’s Batla House managed to get a good opening of Rs 14 crore.


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