Lack of spirit of general welfare detrimenal to country: Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (file photo). Image credit: statesman/AFP.

–TMC Desk

Noida, 25 December 2017: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said lack of a spirit of general welfare among the public was detrimental to the country, but good governance offered a solution.

“If we study the problems closely, we observe absence of good governance is one of the reasons. Everyone seeks to serve one’s own interests. It has become our nature. It has destroyed the country. But I have decided to change it,” he said.

The pace of industrial production and other works was increased due to good governance, Modi said while addressing a public gathering after inaugurating a section of the Magenta Line of Delhi Metro here.

He said mass and rapid transport, multi-mode transport corridors were the need of the hour.

“They might be expensive options but they will be very useful in the times to come,” the Prime Minister said.

Modi also detailed what he called the results of good governance measures taken by his government.

He also said that good governance helped programmes to be implemented in stipulated time frame.

“Any kid will believe that production of urea will increase if new factories are set up. However, our government ensured production of additional 20 lakh tonnes of urea without setting up a single factory. It happened because our government stressed on good governance, framed required policies and created the road map and implemented it,” he said.

“After my government came to power, the pace of laying railway tracks doubled because our policies are clear and intentions honest. Also, cargo handling recorded a negative growth during the previous government’s rule. After our government came, the growth has gone up to 11 per cent,” Modi said.

“If the policies are in black and white, the possibility of discrimination is ruled out. There hardly are chances of corruption in such cases,” he said.

Modi said development should happen keeping the future in mind. “So, we are focused on development-led good governance.”

Modi said the government was trying to improve Metro network in the country to stop use of precious foreign exchange in buying crude oil.

Praising former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Modi said he should be called ‘Bharat Marg Vidhata’ for his good governance and working to connect all corners of the country.

Reminding his audience that Vajpayee’s birthday on December 25 is celebrated as ‘Good Governance Day’ by his government, Modi said every village in the country would be connected under the Pradham Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana initiated during his tenure.

After mediaeval ruler Sher Shah Suri, who constructed the Grand Trunk Road, Vajpayee was the person who dreamt of connecting the country through the Golden Quadrilateral project and gave impetus to it during his term as Prime Minister, Modi said.


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